Sean Haines
After a long career in stand-up comedy, Sean uploaded his first short film project, Paris in Jail, to Youtube in May, 2007. The parody music video went viral and became the most watched web short in the world in June of that same year. 70 videos and over 70 million views later, Donald Trump was elected, at which point Sean abandoned everything, except his family, and dedicated himself to the pursuit of creating comedy content that would potentially piss off the POTUS.
Jim Shaughnessy
Head Writer
In 1994 Jim began as a freelance writer for Late Night With Conan O’ Brien, then for Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher. He moved to Los Angeles in 1999, and became a staff writer on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno till the end of it’s run. Jim was the creator, executive producer and writer of the Sony Crackle animated late night talk show parody web series Effin With Tonight, starring Patrick Warburton, and he has also been a freelance writer for the Howard Stern radio show.
Steven W. Rouach
Featured Writer
Steven is a carbon based life-form from Earth. He’s best known for being very handsome with a comic-book superhero chin and jawline, as well as charming, clever, kindhearted and heroic. He only started writing after Trump’s inauguration, the effects of which compelled him to compulsively scribe articles about the very exciting end of America. He’s been named “Top Writer” at in the categories of: Satire, Racism, The 2016 Election, and Humor.
Egan “El Rancho” Kolb
Chief Content Contributer
Egan was named after Egon Scheile, an Austrian painter known for his raw, sexual style. Much like Egon's paintings, Egan's media creations are sexy as all hell. He attended Ex'pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA, where he gained valuable production and audio knowledge before spending 4 years in the Philippines producing content for Bigfoot Studios and Channelfix. He returned to the U.S. with complete confidence as a shooting/editing producer with a background in music and audio ready to create.
Eric Stayberg
Chief Content Contributer
Along with his producing partner, the aforementioned Egan “El Rancho” Kolb, Eric heads up Scamazon’s Trump Free Zone division, creating comedy content for viewers who just can’t deal with anything POTUS related. Eric is an accomplished actor, impressionist & voice over artist who also works behind the camera as sound man, key grip and assistant editor. Eric is the ultimate team player and so worthy of his nickname, The Human Emoji.
Callison Slater
Lead Animator
Cal likes making weird cartoons and videos. When he was 6 he tried to make an animation machine out of a tissue box and a bunch of printer paper taped together. It didn’t work, but in Middle-School he found that skipping class to dick around with Flash MX worked better. Since then he’s won several film festival awards, including 'Audience Choice' at Rockport Film Festival, the 'Rosebud Award' at the Rosebud Video Festival, and ‘Best Animated Film’ at the Sixteen: Nine International Film Festival. He also overcame his fear of pool filters.
Joyce C. Liao
Marketing Director
With her 10 years experience in business operations, speaking (and writing) fluent Mandarin, an MBA, and a B.A. in computer systems, Joyce is an invaluable member of the Scamazon team. She is a true people person who thrives working in the company's finance and social networking departments. She is a devoted married mother of two and enjoys playing tennis & dominating in the cage fighting arena when her busy schedule allows.
John de Campos
John is an artist/superhero also known as GhostBat. He draws for Scamazon during the day and fights evil forces at night. Click the link below to see his amazing work or visit the TrumpArt page by clicking on the link above his TMNT inspired Scamazon logo. You won’t be disappointed.