Obama Reacts: Ohio Trump Rally

TrumpCall 6: Mika Brzezinski

TrumpCall 4: Lil' Jeff Sessions

Trumptoon 14: Covfefe

Trumptoon 12: Trumpcare in a Nutshell

TrumpCall 1: Cinco De Mayo

Trumptoon 8: Happy Passover Burni

Trumptoon 6: Trumpy Love You Long Time

Trumptoon 4: Arnold Goes Down

Trumptoon 2: Trumpcare Explained

TrumpCall 7: Obamanation!

TrumpCall 5: Melania Moves In

TrumpCall 2: What a Trip!

Trumptoon 11: Mother's Day

Trumptoon 9: 100 Days of Maralago

Trumptoon 7: Obama Calling

Trumptoon 5: An Apology

Trumptoon 3: Doggy Style

TRUMPTOON 1: Travel Ban Explained

3D Trumptoons Coming Soon!

Trumptoon 3D Demo

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21 thoughts on “Trumptoons”

  1. Trumptoons #3 has given me the strength to survive another day. So…Damn you Trumptoons for preventing the sweet release of shedding this mortal coil, and instead now having to see what transpires in the battle of Trump vs. All Living Things in the Universe. Sad!

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